San Gabriel Valley Tribune: To help rebuild local economies, save local newspapers

By Tracy Hernandez

The toll from the COVID-19 pandemic is excruciating to witness. In addition to the tragic cases of illness and loss of life, local businesses are experiencing a brutal impact on normal business operations.

Most companies were unprepared for a situation of this magnitude, and by some estimates, up to 50 percent of small businesses could fail.

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The Press-Enterprise: Newspapers critical to Inland Empire recovery efforts

By Paul Granillo

The recent job report for the Inland Empire was a harbinger of what’s in our near future.

Our region lost 4,100 jobs and the local unemployment rate rose from 4.0% to 5.1% in March. However, this data is based on job losses from February to March, at the very beginning of the pandemic and before stay-at-home mandates.  In fact, the Inland Empire’s unemployment rate is estimated to have reached 25%.

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San Diego Union Tribune: Commentary: Californians turn to newspapers for coronavirus coverage. Here’s how California can help them.

By Charles Champion

The events of the last month have dramatically altered the trajectory of most Americans, as the coronavirus pandemic stressed our health-care resources, forced changes to familiar patterns of daily life, and tested our ability to adapt to new and challenging circumstances.

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