The Sacramento Bee: Steinberg to judge: The Bee needs to ‘be bolstered and rebuilt, not milked’

By Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

Note to readers: Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg filed this letter on May 12 with the bankruptcy judge who is adjudicating McClatchy’s case in New York City. Steinberg then submitted it to The Bee as an Op-Ed.

For nearly as long as there has been a city of Sacramento, journalists from The Sacramento Bee have been keeping a watchful eye on what we do inside City Hall. In my current job as mayor of Sacramento, and in my former role as President Pro Tem of the California State Senate, I have experienced firsthand the paper’s important role in exposing local and state officials who don’t sufficiently safeguard the public treasury or the public trust.

Read the entire editorial as featured in The Sacramento Bee here.