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Local newspapers are credible, trustworthy sources of community news on issues that affect their daily lives. During the pandemic, despite declining revenues, newspapers provided essential COVID-19 and wildfire coverage at no cost, in front of paywalls. Additionally, they hold the powerful accountable, and give voice on issues that would otherwise not be heard. The relentless pursuit of truth reflects an unwavering commitment to serve local communities.

Unfortunately, the state of the news industry is at risk. Without help from the legislature, local newspapers may close their doors, and newspaper carriers will lose their jobs at the beginning of next year.  Help your community newspaper survive.

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☞ The newspaper carrier exemption to AB 5 ends this year, and without legislative support journalists, photographers, printers, designers, freelance writers, carriers, and others may be left unemployed.

☞ Distribution costs will increase up to 50%.

☞ Over 38% of newsrooms across the state will consider closing their doors forever.

☞ Local newspapers, including local, ethnic, urban, suburban and metro papers, will be unable to sustain operations. They will close their doors, leaving many communities with no local news source.

☞ This will bring an end to dozens of local news businesses and thousands of newspaper carriers will lose their jobs. To avert these disastrous effects, newspaper carriers need to be exempt from AB 5.

☞ For those that continue to exist, news operations will be forced to make deep cuts to both print and digital community coverage and offerings in order to survive.


☞ Home delivery of print editions.

☞ Local news reporters resulting in less hometown coverage,

    • Fewer investigative reports
    • Less coverage on community sports and events
    • No more features like comics, games

☞ Daily newspaper delivery.

☞ Vital community information on public health and safety.

☞ Ethnic newspapers critical for California’s diverse population.

☞ The voice of a free media, a cherished institution enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.


The newspaper industry is experiencing a series of unprecedented threats that will ultimately affect readers:

  1. Reduced ad revenue due to the pandemic and increased competition for ad placements from social media companies, will force newspapers to make difficult decisions such as layoffs, which will mean less coverage for communities.
  2. Without newspapers, there will be a void for information that will be quickly filled by misinformation spread through social media.
  3. Newspapers are in the midst of a digital transition that takes time to fully execute given factors such as elderly populations acceptance and the lack of broadband in many small, rural areas of the state.

For more information on how you can help contact Brittney Barsotti at 916-288-6006 or [email protected].

What Others Are Saying

“Americans often take our free media for granted, assuming it will always be there to serve us — and it has been, especially during the pandemic. Newsrooms are working around-the-clock to provide readers with the latest information on how and where the virus is spreading and what health experts are recommending to protect the public. But their economic crisis reminds us that just as any other Main Street company, newspapers must also keep the lights on and the doors open.”

– Tracy Hernandez | Founding Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles County Business Federation


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For more information on how you can help contact Brittney Barsotti at 916-288-6006 or [email protected].